Ashley Olsen Steps Out In Classic Fall Layers

Olsens Anonymous Blog Ashley Olsen Classic Fall Layers Los Angeles Black Ray-Ban Turtleneck Grey Denim Gladiator Flats One photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Ashley-Olsen-Classic-Fall-Layers-Los-Angeles-Black-Ray-Ban-Turtleneck-Grey-Denim-Gladiator-Flats.jpg
Olsens Anonymous Blog Ashley Olsen Classic Fall Layers Los Angeles Black Ray-Ban Sunglasses Turtleneck Grey Denim Gladiator Flats Two photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Ashley-Olsen-Classic-Fall-Layers-Los-Angeles-Black-Ray-Ban-Sunglasses-Turtleneck-Grey-Denim-Gladiator-Flats.jpg

Ashley Olsen heading out in Los Angeles with a classic layered fall look. She is wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, a turtleneck sweater layered with a simple grey top, denim and slingback gladiator flats.

Get the look:
+ Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses
+ Caslon Rib Detail Relaxed Turtleneck
+ Monrow Oversized V Neck Tee
+ James Jeans Twiggy Skinny Jeans
+ Miu Miu Patent Leather Slingback Flats

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