Get Ashley Olsen's Laid-Back Weekend Look

Olsens Anonymous Blog Ashley Olsen Laid Back Casual Cool Weekend Look Hair Clip Updo The Row Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Cardigan White Tee Boyfriend Jeans
Olsens Anonymous Blog Ashley Olsen Laid Back Casual Cool Weekend Look Messy Updo The Row Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Cardigan White Tee Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
Olsens Anonymous Blog Ashley Olsen Laid Back Casual Cool Weekend Style Messy Bun The Row Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Cardigan White Tee Boyfriend Jeans

Here is some laid-back weekend style inspiration from Ashley Olsen. She was recently spotted in the Hamptons looking effortlessly cool with a messy updo, The Row sunglasses, a neutral cardigan, loose white tee, and ripped boyfriend jeans.

Get the look:
+ Oliver Peoples X The Row Bother Me Sunglasses
+ Halogen Long Linen Blend Cardigan
+ Baja East That Gurl Tee
+ STS Blue Taylor Distressed Jeans
+ BDG Slim Boyfriend Slash Jean


  1. Great look!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. I love that oversized jumper! Looks great and so comfy xo


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  6. Love that dress!

    Great pictures, have a good day

    dress is so beautiful.

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  8. How come there hasn't been anything new since July 17th? I'm missing it!!! Please add new pics soon. I think many will agree with me!!!

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  10. I love the pictures, perfect for original gifts in fashion.


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  15. Love this look! Seems comfy <3


  16. Her style tho.


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