Under-$100: The Row-Inspired Velvet Mary-Jane Flats

Olsens Anonymous Blog Olsen Twins Style Ashley Olsen The Row Ava Velvet Mary Jane Flats Under 100 Look For Less photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Olsen-Twins-Style-Ashley-Olsen-The-Row-Ava-Velvet-Mary-Jane-Flats-Under-100-Look-For-Less.jpg
Olsens Anonymous Blog Olsen Twins Style The Row Ava Velvet Mary Jane Flats Under 100 Look For Less New Look Velvet Mary Jane Flats photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Olsen-Twins-Style-The-Row-Ava-Velvet-Mary-Jane-Flats-Under-100-Look-For-Less-New-Look-Velvet-Mary-Jane-Flats.jpg

At under $100, these velvet mary-janes are perfect for the girl on a budget who loves The Row's luxe version but can't afford to splurge on them.

Splurge: The Row Ava Velvet Mary Jane Flats ($995)

SaveNew Look Velvet Mary Jane ($33.00)


  1. Love her look x

    Millie x


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