Ashley Olsen Shows How To Elevate A Pair Of Jeans

Olsens Anonymous Ashley Olsen Twins Style Aviator Sunglasses Black Blazer Leather Grey Clutch Boyfriend Jeans Patent Pumps Textured Heels

Ashley Olsen is giving us pointers at how to dress up a pair of jeans with this casual chic look. Try aviator sunglasses, a sleek black blazer, grey leather clutch, classic black pumps, and you're set!

Get the look:
+ Aviator Sunglasses
+ Black Blazer
+ Grey Clutch
+ Boyfriend Jeans
+ Black Pumps

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  1. Blazer and jeans, perfect match!

    What to wear for Spring on
    lb-lc fashion blog

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  3. Definitely time to invest in a straight leg or boyfriend jean!


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  5. Right on !
    Great fashion recipe.

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