Elizabeth Olsen Attends A TIFF Event In A Minimal Black And Navy Look

Olsens Anonymous Blog Stye Fashion Elizabeth Olsen Minimal Navy Blue And Black TIFF Silk Blazer Crop Top Cuffed Pants Leather Boots
Olsens Anonymous Blog Stye Fashion Elizabeth Olsen Minimal Navy Blue And Black TIFF Silk Jacket Crop Top Cuffed Pants Leather Boots
Photos via: Liz-Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen attends an event at the Toronto International Film Festival in a minimal black and navy look with a washed silk blazer, crop top, cuffed pants, and ankle boots.

Get the look:
+ Tarte Lip Gloss In Exposed
+ Minimum Slouchy Blazer
+ LNA Atlanta Cropped Tank
+ ASOS Clean Peg Pants In Black
+ Plott Double Zip Leather Ankle Boot


  1. This look is amazing! I love the layered dark tones, and the fact that she looks so put together yet casual... perfection!

    xx Angela

    http://www.angieroseclothes.com - a fashion/beauty blog

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  2. Love your smile!! You look fantastic in this outfit!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. Replies
    1. check out my olsen twins channel. i recreate their makeup look using affordable makeup

  4. This look is so impactful in quiet, unspeakable ways! Love the smile of Elizabeth too =D

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