Throwback Thursday: Mary-Kate Olsen In Black And Red

Olsens Anonymous Blog Style Fashion Get The Look Throwback Thursday Mary-Kate Olsen In Black And Red Long Auburn Hair Silk Satin Blouse Maxi Skirt Suede Bow Peep Toe Sandals Event photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Style-Fashion-Get-The-Look-Throwback-Thursday-Mary-Kate-Olsen-In-Black-And-Red-Long-Auburn-Hair-Silk-Satin-Blouse-Maxi-Skirt-Suede-Bow-Peep-Toe-Sandals.jpg

Here's a throwback of Mary-Kate Olsen in a black and red look with long wavy auburn hair, 2006.

Get the look:
+ Alterna Bamboo Beach Ocean Waves Spray
+ Prada Long Sleeve V Neck Silk Top In Black
+ Splendid Maxi Tube Skirt / Dress In Black
+ Miu Miu Suede Peep Toe Bow Red Sandals 


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