Olsens Anonymous Blog Style Fashion Elizabeth Olsen Studio City Farmers Market Shopping Fedora Brim Hat Sheer Sweater Tunic photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Style-Fashion-Elizabeth-Olsen-Studio-City-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Fedora-Brim-Hat-Sheer-Sweater-Tunic_1.jpg
Olsens Anonymous Blog Style Fashion Elizabeth Olsen Studio City Farmers Market Shopping Fedora Brim Hat Sheer Sweater Tunic Leggings Black Sandals photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Style-Fashion-Elizabeth-Olsen-Studio-City-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Fedora-Brim-Hat-Sheer-Sweater-Tunic-Leggings-Black-Sandals_1.jpg
Olsens Anonymous Blog Style Fashion Elizabeth Olsen Studio City Farmers Market Shopping Fedora Brim Hat Sheer Sweater Tunic Leggings Black Sandals Behind photo Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Style-Fashion-Elizabeth-Olsen-Studio-City-Farmers-Market-Shopping-Fedora-Brim-Hat-Sheer-Sweater-Tunic-Leggings-Black-Sandals-Behind_1.jpg

Elizabeth at the Studio City Farmers Market in a laid-back chic look.

Get the look:
+ Eugenia Kim Lillian Brim Hat
+ ASOS Small Round Sunglasses
+ Seafolly Sun Hoodie Cover-Up
+ GapFit Charcoal Heathered Capris
+ Sol Sana Rams Sandals In Black


  1. Love her capris! ;)

  2. love her shoes


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  5. Such a great casual look! Love the hat with it :)


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