help! in need of a truly authentic large givenchy nightingale

help! in need of a truly authentic large givenchy nightingale

I am looking for one just like ashley's carrying. I know that one of you out there has one laying around, or knows someone that has one calling my name. Ebay is not to be trusted and I am willing to pay a pretty penny to get my hands on one.

I am looking for the large Givenchy Nightingale with gunmetal or silver hardware in Black. I want it in a basic leather. I do not like the lambskin or any of the other finishes at Barneys.

I beg of you all to help me! If you are a blogger and help me in this endeavor, I will feature/advertise your blog on the sidebar of Olsens Anonymous forever! I am even willing to pay a finders fee.

I know, I know. so many last seasons ago. I can't help it though!
It has never left my wishlist since I first laid eyes on it...

anyone? please email olsensanonymous@gmail.com

p.s. the version pictured here is no longer available in stores.
there are many at barneys, but not this version :(


  1. http://www.lindestore.com/eng/product/1005/

    here's one!

  2. i really hope you find one!

  3. http://www.barneys.com/Large%20Maxi%20Nightingale/00505002423128,default,pd.html?utm_source=shopstyle&utm_medium=cse&utm_campaign=shopstyle08&source=shopstyle

  4. ha i would take ANY of the ones on the Barney's website!

  5. I know you don't particularly trust Ebay, but this seller is offering the bag, has 100% feedback and will give you your money back if the bag isn't authentic x

  6. Geeze same!! Love her shades.




  8. I wish you the BEST OF LUCK.

    I totally can relate on your loove for it. I will keep my eye out. :)

  9. Ebay has a really strict policy on fakes, so you'll get your money back if someone sells you a fake (and if they don't have a lot of feedback, ebay will hold the money until three days after it's delivered so you can make sure it's real).

  10. mmhmmm i definitely reccomend the whole ebay thing.. worst comes to worst you get your money back! do itt!

  11. I love it too!!! I've purchased quite a few bags on ebay and its been success!! I hope you find one! I'll be so jealous....

  12. that's how i feel about ashley's fendi croc bag that she always carried around like two years ago or so! hope you find it!

  13. I don't think there's a fake Givenchy bags, not common like LV, Gucci, etc. This style is rare in other countries as well. I have many relatives in Asia, Europe, etc...but Givenchy bags are pretty rare, in fact only Barneys that sells in US retailers. So, yeah, if U find one on ebay, don't be afraid...Paypal will refund the money. I bought mine from Barneys as well last year, and it becomes my daily fav bag :) I don't like A Wang bags,after few wks owning it, I got so bored and cheap looking. Sorry Wang!!! plus it's made in China, no wonder.....GD LUCK :)

  14. anon- there are A LOTTTTTT of fake givenchy bags alll over the place.

    it just isn't safe to trust the online places like ioffer and ebay.

  15. I don't know if you saw this one on Ebay:


    Figured I'd pass it along.

  16. These 2 are on Barneys.com sale-

    While not exactly the same...gorgeous and SO DISCOUNTED! :)

    @laviejaime (twitter)

  17. Nordstrom! I know I was in shock when i walked in and saw the large nightingale. It was the one in virginia (tysons corner) if you wanna call them.

  18. l o v e
    t h e
    b a g
    b u t
    i l o v e
    h e r
    p r a d a
    h e a d b a n d
    e v e n
    m o r e.


  19. have you really looked through ebay??? cause i've seen some there

  20. my sister has that same exact bag !!! she bought it a long time ago from a random website...if you want my opinion, i prefer the vintage fendi tote that ashlee is always carrying around...i would give anything to get my hands on it

  21. have you tried www.polyvore.com?
    you can search for the givenchy bag, they give you the website where you can buy it

    good luck!

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