preview of mary-kate in self service magazine



  1. you love MK, don't you? post more of Ashley! she's my favorite twin.

  2. ALL of your images are stolen and unlicenced. It is only a matter of time before you get yourself in big trouble with a photo agency. I suggest you contact blogger about a few examples of people who used unlicensed images. You are going to pay for each and every penny out of your ass.

  3. anonymous2-

    I give credit to each of my picture sources.

    I even have a disclaimer on the page. I am not the only blog using this same approach.

    If you have any future grievances, please email me them to discuss, rather than anonymously post.

  4. anonymous1-

    I actually am a bigger fan of Ashley. It just so happens that there has been more happening with Mary-kate content at the moment.

    I just made a post with new pics of ashley :)


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